In many cases you may observe light and moderate pain and cramping during menstrual cycle which is considered as normal, and does not require any medical consult. There are few sensible steps which you can do at home to help yourself to feel better if you are experiencing painful periods and cramping.

• Make sure to Cut down on salt and sodium in your diet to reduce fluid retention
• Always Use a heating pad or hot water bottle for abdominal cramping
• Make sure to have plenty of rest
• Eat a healthy and balanced diet
• Always try to have calcium and magnesium supplements during your menstrual period to help ease pain and cramping
• Avoid and Reduce intake of sugar and caffeine
• Avoid alcohol and cigarettes
• You can go with Trying exercise like walking to promote deep breathing
• Always Take a hot bath
• Drink warm, herbal teas
• Massage the back to relax muscles massage deep heating oils into the abdomen
For some women, orgasm brings relief by increasing blood flow to the pelvic area.

This is for normal pain, if you are facing serve pain during menstrual period, which is popularly known as dysmenorrheal, make sure to visit a doctor for better relief.