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His birthday is just around the corner.

He will turn 30 years old on 24th November 2011. yes, enJekjek is 7 months younger than me.

So I've decided to give him those presents. As seen on the picture, the Samsung Galaxy S II  has cost me RM1930.( it is easy to open my blog to check the price rather than search the receipt in the drawer). So what did I get?

Besides the smartphone, I also got 8GB micro SD card, leather casing and a car charger.

I already gave those things to him last night because on his coming birthday date we are not gonna be together. He will be attending a course at Pangkor Island and I will be busy with my lectures. Those gift  not only meant for his birthday but it is also as an appreciation for being such a supportive, caring and loving husband for the past 6 years.

So to my beloved enJekjek, happy birthday. May Allah bless our marriage and the miracle will happen.

I will always love you.

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  1. Whoaaa bestnye, menyentuh perasaan. Moga enjekjek dipanjangkan umo dn keberkatan begitu juga utk yat, sahabatku.

  2. bes nya..
    akak pun tatau nk beli apa kat incik asben akak utk befday dia bln 2 thn dpn.
    Igt nak belikan hp gak [bukan smart phone la..itu ai je lah guna. haha] tp igt nak beli jam jugak. huhu

  3. @PUANSTOBERIhaaa jam pun ok gak kekda. janji asben suka (^_^)

  4. bertuahnyeee enJekjek begitu... eee wak dah datang nih nak komen komenn